Something Is Calling Now, Move On

Change, in the air,
Change everywhere,
Seasons change
Change repetition
In the life of an individual
In the society, terrestrial changes
All and more
Thinking — the idea
The social change
The drastic and the moderate
The ones which would put human beings in the first place
Not one human being
Not a few human beings
Not a few chosen ones
All human beings without exception
Cared for
looked after
tender loving care
The greatest love by the society
A society that will
create its own kind of love
Not love a mystery
an unattainable dream
A social love
Permeating all and one
Gushing through their veins

There was a love
an individual love which came crashing through the
darkness of medieval times
Opening the floodgates of human freedom
Something is calling now, move on

Let the love have a source
Let the social love spread its wings
Let the total human personality be born
Something is calling now, move on,
Move on

Motion — life itself
Force of all matter
Taking its place in time
In space
Somewhere in there appears
The real countenance of what is and what can be
And there is always
The real face which sees
The human condition
Its expression
So much wanting
So much wanted
All and everything else just a trifle
Working fighting
Creating it
For several centuries
All over the globe and beyond
Clear has become, all too clear
History is to be made
With that quality
Negation of negation of negation
Not of two not of three
Not of you me she/he
Of zero of the past
For the sake of the present demanding guarantees of the future

Something is calling now, move on
Move on, move on
Let the path to progress open
Let the environment be humanised
Let the human being take hold
Something is calling now, move on
Move on, move on
It is said
There is a kind of sensation — a relief
An indispensable need
Of you
From this vantage point
With keen grasp of the contours of the terrain
Of the essence of this conflict
The very kind
In history
History itself in the hands of the present
Stubbornly refusing to repeat itself
Transforming itself to something that has not been
Abstracting absence
without option
without hesitation
Like life itself
impregnated with determination for ever
It is
and it is not
it can be seen
On the horizon
Like the writing on the wall
All colours and shades of good fortune
The dawn
The sun shall shine for all like you he/she and I

Something is calling now, move on
Move on, move on, move on
Let the march go on for the road is clear
Let the people arrive at their destination
Let the modern human being make history
Something is calling now, move on.

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