Vestas shifts investment from the Isle of Wight once more:

New MHI Vestas facility to open at Fawley

A wind turbine blade at MHI Vestas.

Wind turbine blade at MHI Vestas.

The Danish, MHI Vestas, monopoly will now invest in Fawley, away from the Isle of Wight, into a “state-of-the-art” facility for its wind turbines blades. It is doing it to cut costs and claim more of the added value from workers’ there.

The site will be used for blade painting and logistics, with an estimated 50 jobs.

On the Isle of Wight 80m blades are manufactured.

MHI Vestas executive, Jens Tommerup, said:

“As we saw in the recent CfD auction round in the UK, the cost of offshore wind continues to fall”.

It was predicted last time when the company upped sticks and left the island that they would return. The company was supported by all and sundry in the Westminster cartel who said that it was up to them stating “commercial considerations”.

It was at that time when the workers at Vestas famously occupied the factory and demanded public control and a say in the decision making process. Workers received international support for their militant stand.

The monopolies enjoy “free movement of capital” and imperialist export of capital so that they can move wherever they want without consideration for labour or the local economy . They can go to the other end of the planet if they want to and Vestas has.

“Our new paint and logistics shop at Fawley will improve our competitiveness
worldwide and strengthen our UK industrial footprint.”

So it is clear about their intentions from their own mouthpiece,

The Government concoct cock and bull stories to support their monopoly capitalist friends by referring to their “environmentally friendly” economics.

Energy Minister, Richard Harrington MP, said: “This new facility in Fawley, developed by MHI Vestas, is a further sign of the growth of the offshore wind sector in the UK.
“Our Industrial Strategy and Clean Growth Strategy set out the opportunities for Britain in moving from fossil fuels to a cleaner future”.

Workers have been kept out of the decision making process as usual and forfeit jobs on the island as a consequence. Workers will have to modify their relations by restricting monopoly rights in the country if they are to control the economy and their own destiny. This requires a political movement with an outlook that gives workers the opportunity to make such a change.


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