Communists’ Statement on DPRK US standoff:

Condemn US Warmongering and Threats Against Korea! US Troops and Bases Get Out of Korea!

Statement of RCPB(ML) – August 11, 2017
Statement as a PDF

RCPBML adds its voice to those of millions of democratic and peace-loving people throughout the world in condemning the warmongering activities of the US government against the Korean people. It condemns the escalation of US imperialism’s sabre-rattling and threats of ‘fire and fury’ against the DPR of Korea which, like any sovereign country has the right to take appropriate measures in its own defence.

This is especially the case for the DPRK, since it has the experience of being devastated by carpet bombing, the use of biological and chemical weapons by the US and its allies, including the British government, which led to the deaths of millions of Koreans in the period following World War II. The Korean peninsula and the Korean people are still divided as result of the military aggression by the US and its allies and the US government still refuses to sign a peace treaty. For over sixty years US troops and missiles have been based in South Korea and neighbouring countries to maintain this division and, along with continual provocative military exercises, continue to threaten the existence of the DPRK. Moreover, the US, Britain and the other big powers continue to impose sanctions against the DPRK, under the auspices of the UN Security Council, and do everything possible to bring about regime change in that country. All these crimes against the peace must be resolutely condemned.

The cause of peace is not aided by the one-sided reporting about the DPRK that is presented by the monopoly media, nor by reports that suggest that both the government of that country and that of the US are equally responsible for instability on the Korean peninsula and the current crisis. Such disinformation which often echoes the stand of the US and British governments must also be condemned. It is precisely the constant sanctions and threats, the US war preparations, such as the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) missile system, and others weapons of mass destruction aimed not only against the DPRK but also Russia, China and other countries in the region, that necessitate the government of the DPRK bravely refusing to be cowed and developing the means of self-defence.

The RCPBML calls on all democratic people to unite in condemning the warmongering actions of US Imperialism in the Korean peninsula, as well as all its provocations and increasingly bellicose language. To bring stability to the Korean peninsula the Korean people must be allowed to pursue the peaceful reunification of their country without any foreign interference. What must be removed are the 28,000 US troops, ninety military bases and other preparations for war.

Condemn US Warmongering and Threats Against Korea! US Troops and Bases Get Out of Korea!

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