TUC responds to Conservative Party manifesto

Commenting on the Conservative manifesto, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“The Prime Minister has said repeatedly that she wants to protect and enhance workers’ rights after Brexit.

“But today her manifesto reveals that Parliament will be able to water down hard-won workers’ rights that came from EU law.

“She’s also done nothing to help hard-pressed public servants who’re facing more years of real terms pay cuts.

“And, at a time when the UK is facing huge challenges, she’s picking an unnecessary fight with trade unions, by undermining the basic right to strike. That will make it harder for ordinary transport workers to protect their jobs, pay and working conditions.”

Commenting specifically on measures to tackle abuses in the gig economy, Frances said:

“The Conservatives have ignored the elephant in the room – the chilling impact of tribunal fees.

“While it’s promising that the Taylor Review is looking at improving working conditions in the gig economy, if you can’t afford to take your employer to tribunal, you can’t enforce your rights.”

Commenting specifically on the Conservatives’ pledge to scrap the triple lock on pensions, Frances said:

“The Conservatives have made the wrong political choice. If they can afford to cut corporation taxes, they can afford to keep the triple lock.

“The UK has more than 1.5 million pensioners in poverty. And one of the lowest state pensions in the advanced world. The triple lock was meant to restore the state pension after it spent decades falling behind wages. That job isn’t finished.”


Notes to Editors:

  • Page 60 of the manifesto states: “We will work with train companies and their employees to agree minimum service levels during periods of industrial dispute – and if we cannot find a voluntary agreement, we will legislate to make this mandatory.”

TUC Press Office  T: 020 7467 1248  E: media@tuc.org.uk

Press Release
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