International Trade Weapon of the Big Powers

Teresa May in her Commons Speech has called for a “Comprehensive Agreement” in her speech on triggering article 50 to leave the EU. Others have indicated that there must be a deal.

The most powerful monopolies centred in the big powers control international trade. Free trade agreements allow them almost unrestricted access to most countries.

The monopoly free traders oppose any opposition to their free access with stern measures, including blockades, sanctions and predatory war,

Trade is more than an economic element seeking to align resources, markets and workers in the most efficient manner. Trade under the domination of the monopolies serves their particular narrow private interests for empire-building and the geopolitical interests of the big power in which they are key players.

The desire of peoples around the world to exercise control over their economy, politics and those matters that directly affect their lives comes into direct confrontation with the global monopoly control of international trade and the geopolitics of the big powers. The monopolies and the big powers, especially the U.S. see any hint of independence of the local economy or striving for political independence as a challenge to their hegemony and power of monopoly right.

The local sovereign economy must not be diverse, self-reliant and in the service of the public interest they assert The local economy must serve the narrow private interests of the global monopolies and their empire-building, the free traders declare. Who controls the economy and its direction is a focal point of contention between monopoly right and public right.

A new direction would see the local economy as the starting point putting international trade in a secondary position serving the national economy in opposition monopoly control. An independent economy works in lockstep with independent politics and the people’s struggle to be free from the overbearing control and exploitation of the global monopolies.

How to break with the dominance of the global monopolies and their empire-building in the service of narrow private interests is an issue and problem for the working class and its leadership and the broad movement of the people to resolve. To break with the geopolitics of the big powers and domination of the global monopolies requires an effort of the entire people of the country.

The people must be won over to the aspiration of nation-building free from the domination of the big powers and monopoly right and grasp the truth that their future lies in their own capacity to not only engage in production but also to control the direction of their economy and politics. .

We aspire to a nation-building project under the control of the people.

Deal or no deal, does not require a capitalist Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement to be part.

The power of the people to build the new begins with the power to deprive big power of their power to deprive the people.

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