B’ham TUC Health Campaign Committee-Keep Our NHS Public Group, join our campaigns.

[photo of Ian Scott, now President of BTUC, speaking at the ‘Fighting the NHS Cuts’ conference in February 2014]

Patrick Highton

B’ham TUC Health Campaign Committee/Keep Our NHS Public Group

Dear Colleagues and Comrades,

It’s now nearly 2 years since our successful ‘Fighting the NHS Cuts’ conference in February 2014.

Since that time, Birmingham TUC founded its Health Campaign Committee (affiliated to Keep Our NHS Public), which meets regularly once a month and has campaigned on a number of issues including:-

– Raising awareness of TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership) and the dangers it poses to the NHS
– Questioning the tendering process of the 0-25 yrs Mental Health Service in Birmingham to protect against the creeping privatisation of the service
– Fighting against the closure in the face of local government cuts of Birmingham City Council’s ‘support, time and recovery’ service – the STaR Service – for mental health patients
– Supporting workers in the NHS – nurses and junior doctors – on strike for fair pay and protection of working conditions
– Working alongside the ‘Save Sutton Good Hope Hospital’ campaign against the proposed reorganisation of surgical provision
– Lobbying for an independent review of the case for the PF2 scheme to build the new Midland Metropolitan Hospital in Sandwell and West Birmingham

We have had a number of both successes (and setbacks) to date in those campaigns utilising a number of strategies and skills, including regular business meetings; street stalls; lobbying; leafleting; attendance at consultation meetings, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) meetings and hospital trust board meetings as well the use of Freedom of Information (FOI) questions to raise awareness, demand, question and protest.

We have recently elected a new Secretary and now we want more people with commitment and enthusiasm to join our group to ensure that we continue the campaigns and extend our reach. We meet every first Wednesday evening (7:30) of the month in central Birmingham at the Upper Floor Meeting Room, the Wellington, 37 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5SN – please come and join us on the dates below:

– Wednesday 3rd February
– Wednesday 2nd March
– Wednesday 6th April

You can contact the Secretary beforehand if necessary by replying to this email address – btuchhcc@hotmail.com
We look forward to seeing you!

Best wishes and comradely regards,

Patrick Highton
B’ham TUC Health Campaign Committee/Keep Our NHS Public Group


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