Update on what is happening to Island Line trains:

onthewight coverage of Island Line Trains:

Live coverage of public meeting to discuss Island Line trains


Island Line WILL be included in next Rail Franchise

News, hot from the meeting to save Island Line, the DfT have informed Isle of Wight council officials that the line will be included in the next rail Franchise… Read More


Public meeting backs Island Line in franchise as campaign looks ahead

The unanimous vote at last night’s meeting called on Andrew Turner MP to facilitate a delegation from KILF to meet the rail minister.

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Ding, ding, ‘All Change!’: DfT deny council Island Line Franchise claim

Last night IWC claimed the DfT had confirmed with them that Island Line would be in the Franchise. Today the DfT are saying it’s not been decided. What is going on?

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Council left confused by the DfT over the future of Island Line

The Department for Transport has refuted they said Island Line would be retained within the wider franchise. The council indicate they will fight to retain it.

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Andrew Turner: Not my responsibility to sort out the train line

IW Radio are reporting that Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Andrew Turner, said that it was not his responsibility to sort the future of the Island’s railway.

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