The Necessity of Connectivity:

Concerning a Fixed-Link to the Isle of Wight:

The debate on “For or Against” is irrelevant when it it comes to connectivity. Whether it is a ferry, bridge or tunnel or a balloon. It is a necessity to solve the ongoing problem of connectivity. It is cause and effect. You want to get this method, you obtain that and it changes. Any idea or scheme, through land sea or air is feasible, study or not. Decision-making by the powers that be,will not be based on denial of necessity and so it is objectivity and not subjectivity that will eventually triumph. So, necessity for whom? Some say necessity is the mother of invention, well if the technical know how is available the means are already there, but if freedom is the appreciation of necessity, then we should understand the substance of it. It comes down to who the decision-makers are, do they want it? Why should they want it?

There are 140,000 people living on the island, the attitude of the monopolies and capitalist oriented Government towards investment in productive labour, is key to their decision-making.

The workers move across the Solent in order to find or carry out work, this is a necessity if they wish to gain employment and maintain a standard of living. Otherwise without adequate connectivity they would need to move to the mainland or abroad. Therefore connectivity is a necessity. If there is  inadequate work on the island because of lack of connectivity then logically there is either a necessity to change location, move families and belongings to somewhere else or solve the problem of connectivity.

Most workers know that their freedom is constrained, in a straight jacket, if connectivity is inadequate and they tie themselves to property on an island. The very nature of the working class is the freedom to find work and migrate if that is the only way.

These are the class standpoints regarding decision-making around connectivity.

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