Who Should Decide the Working and Learning Conditions in Schools?

The people who do the work should decide their terms of employment, and, in consultation with those directly affected by the work, they should also decide the direction of the sector. Teachers, students, parents and other concerned members of the polity should decide the working and learning conditions in schools and how the value that education creates should be returned to the sector for its extended reproduction. This is a modern principle upholding the rights of all, the stability and health of the economy and the general interests of society.

People do not and will not accept the anti-social fraud of a government dictate over terms of employment and the direction of the education system. The government is completely self-serving. The big corporations that refuse to acknowledge the value teachers and the education system create and put into their students, are not fit to decide anything which concerns education. The Academy system in Britain is proving to be a way in for the private sector and business intervention.

The nonsense of “ability to pay” or “Where bis the money going to come from?”is a concoction to avoid dealing with the reality of a modern interconnected economy. Bellowing inanities about taxpayers, does not give the Government or the Westminster cartel of political parties, carte blanche to attack teachers, students and the education system and deny the enormous value education contributes to the economy and society year after year. In fact, the individual taxpayer should not pay for the education system; those enterprises and institutions that consume education value should pay directly back to the education system the amount they gain in value from their educated employees.

Teachers go about their work with the utmost professionalism and concern for improving the learning conditions. Some teachers even donate their own money to provide classrooms with teaching materials. They are blocked by those in government and the big business community who want to deprive teachers of their right to decide and deny the value education creates for the economy and society.

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