Anti- War Government.

Deliver a blow on the Isle of Wight by supporting the nationwide movement developing for anti-war Government.

The campaign and movement to bring an end to war is probably one of the most defined of our time and is an example of how sustainable a movement can be.

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Once more the question of war is taking centre stage.

Jingoism, sabre rattling episodes, in war games off the Korean peninsula, were features of the international situation at the end of 2017 alongside of threats against Iran, US forces are now deployed in Syria and 2018 has started with possible new conflict involving Turkey.

Militarisation of the economy is a major factor in defence policy, Trident, poor calculation of defence priorities by former defence secretary Fallon affected our own region as well as the shortcomings of national defence policy.

British Army chief, General Sir Nick CarterImage, is calling for investment to keep up with Russia because Britain risks, “falling behind”. The British Army’s ability to respond to threats “will be eroded if we don’t keep up with our adversaries”. His speech is approved by Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, who agrees that there must be more spending on defence not defence cuts. Big power rivalry over strategic interests has gone to new highs. This is at a time Russia practiced simulated attacks across northern Europe and there have been “encroachments on air space”. There is also talk of Russia’s new cyber warfare capabilities.

A new arms race may be emerging, as Gen Carter highlighted the Russian army’s long-range missile strike capability. While Russian forces were intervening in Syria, 26 missiles were deployed from a 1,500km (930 mile) range. He also said that Russia is building an increasingly aggressive expeditionary force, which Carter claims will have capabilities the British Army would struggle to match.

He states: Potential military threats to the UK “are now on Europe’s doorstep,” .

Former Royal Navy Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry said the British military had fallen a long way behind Russia’s capabilities. He said, “I think in qualitative terms we would fare very badly, whether it was the Army, navy or air force against current Russian capabilities.

“I’m afraid to say the world is changing, it’s moving. The Russians – and the Chinese – are developing capabilities right now with which we cannot cope today.”

The military are saying that some of the UK’s weapons are increasingly outdated. An example has been given that Russia’s been developing new Armata tanks and British Army’s Challenger 2 hasn’t been modernised for 20 years. Britain’s ground-based air defence systems are said to becoming increasingly obsolete.

In December Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach said the UK should prioritise protecting undersea cables from the Kremlin, as disruption could be “potentially catastrophic” to the economy.

Prime Minister Theresa May said Russia had “mounted a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption”.

Former GCHQ director Robert Hannigan says Russia threat kept him awake at night!

He said, “They have always been very capable, but in the last two, three, four years they’ve become quite aggressive.”

National security adviser Mark Sedwill is conducting a review of Britain’s security capabilities.

There are those whose consciences are motivated by war and say Britain’s armed forces are now at their smallest since the Napoleonic wars because the size of the Army has been cut from more than 100,000 to 82,000 since 2010. Some MPs have called to increase defence spending to 3% of GDP – it is currently at 2%, in line with the guideline for NATO members.

The strength of anti-war feeling has mounted once again since Stop the War Coalition was founded 2001 and since the famous 2 million strong demonstration, the largest protests ever held in Britain, most memorably on 15 February 2003.

Today we have Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the opposition in Parliament and potential Prime Minister who was Chair of STWC, only stepping aside because of the election as Leader of the Labour Party.


Already the Trump visit, to open the US embassy has been cancelled, because of potential mobilisation and mass opposition. This why we, on the Isle of Wight, should consider what we are to do in the near future.

How many times do we hear ourselves say, “It is unthinkable,” when we consider the likes of a Donald Trump as President, or the devastation caused by the wars of aggression occupation and regime change

Why do we feel the developments and the situation are “unthinkable”? How can they be “unthinkable” when it is precisely the ability to think that makes us human.

America is implying that a major war is going to break out as its wealth declines.They see us as a passive force; we are drowning and there is nothing we can do about it.

The people on the sinking boat shout out, help us, we are the 99 per cent, and you in control are only the one per cent. So the one per cent shouts back, “even though we are one per cent we are indispensable”. Trump’s notion of the Greatness of America is, “we will destroy what we cannot control to make sure no one else can control it”.

Given as a global outlook, as a future of global nuclear holocaust, global war on terror, global famine. With this supposed reference to the current world, the claim is that any future is unthinkable. The horrors are too big to consider.

Yet humans that collectively created all the technology that allowed this to happen – nuclear war, climate change, etc. – these humans cannot control their own creations? There is supposedly a breakdown between the productive powers created and the products of that creation. They are too immense to think about or control. It is unthinkable, it cannot be thought through. The movement for anti-war government rejects this. It can be thought through; the contradictions can be resolved in favor of humanity.

But, they imply, that there are nuclear weapons created that could obliterate all productive powers, there is technology created that is going to bring the species to an end. The only way to survive is not by advancing human existence.

It can be thought through; the contradictions can be resolved in favour of humanity.

The emphasis on Apocalypse Now, the world as unthinkable, is to deprive us of an outlook. Depriving us of an outlook is a form of coercion equal to the bombs and guns and corruption and bribery used by the powers that be. We need our own outlook, our own politics, our own organisation. We need our own concepts.

What is Stop the War Coalition (SWTC) doing?

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They are organising A national tour of public meetings on why the time is right for an anti-war government.

The time is right on the Isle of Wight too.

The question of an island movement for anti-war Government is one of the main planks for opposing Austerity. Funding for war. is why so much money is being diverted out of funding for Public Services, the NHS etc.

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If imperialism was to achieve its war aim then all other campaigns themselves would become insignificant. The aim of war as foreign policy has therefore to be blocked by the people. It is now possible to talk about solving problems by other means. Trump and other warmongers arrived on the scene at a time when the possibility was emerging to do it, therefore we must step up our own efforts.

Stop the War Coaalition (SWTC) in Cambridge are holding a meeting about, “How the US Isolates North Korea, Encircles China and Risks Nuclear War in Asia”.

Merseyside, STWC, 26 Jan, Why We Need An Anti-War Government.

Newcastle STWC, 3rd Feb, Why We Need An Anti-War Government

07 Feb | Bristol | Why We Need An Anti-War Government, BRISTOL STWC

07 Feb | Luton | War, Racism & Islamophobia.

12 Feb | Nottingham | Why We Need An Anti-War Government NOTTINGHAM STWC

15 Feb | London | Why We Need An Anti-War Government STWC

15 Feb | Cardiff | Why We Need An Anti-War Government, CARDIFF STWC

17 Feb | Manchester | Why We Need An Anti-War Government, MANCHESTER STWC

19 Feb | Derby | Why We Need An Anti-War Government, DERBY STWC

21 Feb | Birmingham | Why We Need An Anti-War Government, STWC

21 Feb | Cambridge | Why We Need An Anti-War Government, Again CAMBRIDGE STWC

Come and join the discussion on how we can all help to build an anti-war government.

27 Feb | Oswestry | COALITION FOR PEACE

7 Feb | Bournemouth | Why We Need An Anti-War Government, BOURNEMOUTH STWC

28 Feb | Leeds | Why We Need An Anti-War Government, LEEDS COALITION AGAINST WAR

01 March | Sheffield | Why We Need An Anti-War Government, SHEFFIELD STWC

08 March | Wakefield | Why We Need An Anti-War Government,, WRITTEN BY THE RED SHED

24 March | Edinburgh | Why We Need a New Foreign Policy



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