Canada: Increasing Use of Police Powers in  the Name of Cyber Security

Trudeau Government’s Anti-Democratic Electoral Reform

On October 19, Facebook Canada launched its “Canadian Election Integrity Initiative,” which it alleged is an endeavour to protect Canadian democracy. Covered up in the high ideals of ensuring “election integrity” is how this initiative will actually be used for anti-democratic purposes.

This initiative creates the illusion that the Trudeau government is constructing a political policing apparatus to monitor digital social media platforms.

It says that there are “malicious actors” out to prevent social media from being used for genuine political discourse and civic engagement of the people by planting “fake news,” “misinformation” and “disinformation.” (Our emphases)

However, the entire exercise covers up that a primary role of the state that the Liberals serve is to disinform the polity by depriving it of an outlook on the basis of which it can exercise judgement and advance its own interests, not those of the rich.

Earlier this year, the Liberals directed the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) to enter the electoral field, instructing it to conduct espionage activities “against potential cyber attacks by foreign malicious actors.” Now the Liberals are involving private interests under the lead of the CSE to target not only foreign but also “domestic suspects.” The irony of the claim that spying on and targeting Canadians is to protect democracy shows how cynical the Liberals and others engaged in these measures have become.

The system of representative democracy has disempowered Canadians to such an extent that all of this can be done without even passing legislation. The public authority of Elections Canada, the independent agency responsible for the conduct of elections, is being replaced by private interests such as Facebook, Google and others. In fact, Elections Canada was conspicuously absent from the launch of Facebook’s “Canadian Election Integrity Initiative.” As for Parliament, its role is to wait for the Minister of Democratic Institutions to hand over electoral reform legislation which the government will say has already been approved by Canadians, by which it means the Liberal private political consultants and advisors in cahoots with private interests and the security establishment.

Internationally, Facebook itself will deploy an army of some 4,000 censors to monitor Facebook accounts and posts, no doubt sharing the information with U.S. spy agencies and their Five Eyes partners.

Non-profit organizations funded and overseen by Facebook and other private interests are being activated to teach “digital literacy” and how to be an “engaged citizen.” In the name of the right to conscience, criteria for judging what is “authentic political discourse” and what is not is set by the ruling elite. Their cynicism is unconscionable. This means it is unethical, immoral, unprincipled, unscrupulous and indefensible by any modern standards of democratic conduct.

Meanwhile, the giant multi-billion dollar Facebook corporation tracks its users in other ways as well to facilitate the cartel party election machines’ micro-targeting of electors. When it comes to cyber security, the practice of handing to political parties Elections Canada’s list of electors, along with each eligible voter’s permanent unique identifiers, continues. These parties have exempted themselves from the privacy laws of the country and use the electors’ lists provided by Elections Canada to build their databases and manipulate voter intentions during elections.

The latest developments mean that groundwork has already been laid for the creation of police-state elections. Under the guise of protecting democracy and the national interest and the security of the state, police forces will determine what constitutes legitimate political discourse. But the forces doing the policing and imposing the criteria are in fierce competition with one another, both nationally and internationally. Who will be exempted from the shadow of suspicion and doubt? Not only will forces in the opposition which represent the peoples’ interests be criminalized but so too will the cartel parties and third party interveners in elections if they challenge the control of the private interests. Already different levels of police and armed forces and international supranational bodies are duking it out for control of the very private interests which are vying to control the economies and states of different countries. The current measures the Trudeau government is taking are extremely self-serving and there is no doubt that what goes around comes around. The Liberals themselves are likely to become victims of their own measures as will any other of the parties which go along with this.

Thus, the aim of the Trudeau government, the security establishment and political parties of the cartel party system is to smash all political discourse and any attempt by the people to empower themselves. These measures must be opposed by the working class and people by advancing their own program and solutions to the problems plaguing the society, starting with the issue of who decides and what kind of political and electoral process is required to empower the people to stop the further destruction of the society and the economy.

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