We Take a stand for the Just Cause of the Venezuelan People to Uphold the Bolivarian Revolution!

The Ryde Trades Union Council is unapologetically taking a stand to expresses its support for the Venezuelan people in their struggle to defend the Bolivarian Revolution and the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic against foreign-inspired violent opposition forces.

Venezuela has engaged in a legitimate process to create a new constitution. It will further the revolution express the true aspirations of its people and allow them to create a society that will continue to make advances in improving peoples’ lives.

In Britain, we too should have a decent written constitution We too have shown in recent elections that we want a new direction and improvement.

We condemn the role played by the British establishment, Conservatives and other neo-liberals as well as the media, who are supporting the unjust and unfair campaign led by the U.S. to stop the constitutional process, overthrow the government of President Nicolás Maduro and return Venezuelans to a life of mass poverty and repression.

It is the global capitalists and oil magnates who are responsible for the oil crisis, affecting many oil producing countries, who have had their nation building policies and economies disrupted. Particularly the United States who has huge control over the oil market along with the oil cartel price fixers.

Only the Venezuelan people have the sovereign right to decide the direction of their society and how they will choose their form of government.

The unacceptable interference in the affairs of a sovereign country. Are engaged upon by the US, Britain and the EU. They are part of an attempt to stage a constitutional coup d’état in Venezuela all in the name of upholding democratic processes and principles. It is a fraud.

The so called demand that Venezuela “return” to democracy is not only hypocritical but also absurd given imperialist support for neo-Nazis and former Nazi collaborators in Ukraine and its support for U.S. wars of aggression, occupation and regime change in various parts of the world.

Violating international law by interfering in the internal affairs of independent countries is the real crime.

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