St Barts’ Trust Strike:

St Barts’ Trust Strike – Support the Cleaners, Porters and Security

Industrial action taking place from 4-6 July against private multinational Serco who are implementing job cuts, increased workload and are refusing to pay a 30p per hour increase in line with inflation. Rally to support cleaners at Royal London on 4th July.

Since the 1st April, the cleaners, porters, caterers and security of four hospitals at St Barts’ Trust (represented by Unite the Union) have been transferred over to the multinational Serco during the course of a £600m privatisation contract.

Serco’s agenda has seen them seek to cut a third of the porters at Whipps Cross, vastly increase the workload of cleaners across the Trust leading to massive stress while also refusing to pay any raise in line with inflation. In April, Serco attempted to abolish the cleaners’ tea break at the Royal thus leading to a mass spontaneous walkout of 180 cleaners which led to immediate reinstatement of the break.

Workers have now delivered a 99% Yes vote for strike action in Royal London Hospital, St Barts Hospital, Mile End Hospital and Whipps Cross Hospital. They commence strike action on 4th July and will be hosting a rally at Royal London on that date at 10am.

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