Modern Communism, the solution to our economic needs in front of our eyes.

Mat Thomas

There is an emerging abundance, which offers great possibilities to secure a source for the economic rights of all in the economy. Apart from the capitalist wrecking that has constantly occurred, this abundance has been potentially present for a long time. A national living standard can only be ensured if the essence of the modern condition is grasped and implemented. There is increased evidence that utilities and social programmes are offering a new vision and direction for the economy.

Public utilities and certain social programmes are offering the resources for a system of collective economic security. Such resources at the disposal of all would ensure raising of the claim of working people and lower the claim by the multi-millionaire class. Yet it would allow for investment by enterprise of all sizes. It would raise the spending power of workers and people no longer engaged in the productive process who previously were. Modern Communism is in the condition of modern society where the foundations are not only laid but has progressed rapidly with the onset of modern technology and the scientific and technical revolutions. The possibility exists for zero tariff and is an aspect of   theoretical Communist abundance and a radical departure from the norm.

In the first instance let us look at Energy. For well over a century the National Grid system has been in operation. Electricity generation has evolved to greater efficiency over the years during and after state control, with the Central Electricity Generating Board and after with private monopoly control of this vital asset. Today we learn that in one specific day, 50% of electricity has been produced by sustainable and nuclear production rather than fossil fuel. This record set, was the sign of things to come, with new wind and wave turbines due to come on line, more efficient turbine generators, solar power and other forms of naturally produced electricity including some hydro-electrical capacity. The question has to be asked, why is this not free at the point of use? Why should the multi-millionaire corporations still be able to claim against a portion of the wages procured through material production? This is at a time when there is much talk about wage levels and “Living Wages”. What about spending power being regulated by secondary claims against wages? Are there no better ways of increasing spending power besides the constant cycle of wage claims versus inflation? Wage cutting versus profit and oppositional claims against new value created?

There is much talk of “money trees” but it is not magical to see the reality of wealthy shareholders pocketing the proceeds for no other reason but ownership. It is known where wealth is created and where there is added value.The investment and infrastructure is already there, the abundance is clear, why should it not contribute to securing the economic rights of all? We are in a period where only initial investment and maintenance of the technology requires investment. It should not be down to whether EDL, a French State investor or China lands a deal. Also there is the bureaucratic cost of tariff taking, standing connection charges and metering in the first place. At zero cost there would be no need for such administration. Domestic users will only take what they need and not waste the product. Proper enterprise management should be able to do the same.

Another area is water, where the pipeline has been in operation for many years, apart from necessary reservoir investment, this could easily revert to a low cost utility as it used to be. It could even become zero cost and even export, given proper control. The infrastructure is there, water purification is at a maximum in many areas. It too could be a source to raise the disposable income of many and restrict the claims of the few.

The NHS is an example of how delivery of a service can be minimised in terms of cost to the public, where the principle of ‘free at the point of delivery and use’, has operated and has been sustained since its inception, until certain services had passed into the private sector. Now dentistry optical and other aspects of conditions such as hearing loss, has slowly but surely passed into the private sector and operates with a profit motive. Education has taken a similar direction.

Transport is another area of interest for Modern Communism. The infrastructure and new technology concerning track and engine on railways has gone through many developments with the basic infrastructure in place. Now we have HS2 with high speed travel. The aim must be to provide cheap or even free transport particularly for workers travelling into the inner cities from outside at a speedy and viable rate. This effective and efficient form of transport has to also secure the economic rights of all. It should be publicly run and fares must be reduced to the point where there is an abundance of passenger room and the effect on wages is profound for those who use it. It has been done before when the old Greater London Council reduced fares to zero on the London underground. Never has it been more expensive since it was taken over by the various franchises. Many executives and shareholders have pocketed the proceeds of fare increases. The workers and passengers have not benefited.

Modern Communism already looks towards the benefits of reducing private car dependence on oil and petroleum. It has seen the possibility of free fuel for electric cars, already provided in some areas, where charging points for all electric and hybrid cars are installed across a region. Free charging has in many cases been included in the price of the vehicle in the first place.

Why is there a cost to communication affecting the vast population? Phone tariffs have been overcome as the network has prevailed, in both internet and fibre optic provision. Why do service providers for the internet need to make high claims? These costs to the workers’ wages and enterprise is over and above the costs of the equipment such as mobile phones or laptops at home or in IT departments. There is abundance in data transfer and therefore is a target for zero cost.

What we are seeing is the changes taking place that are the basis of an economy that is fit for all in the 21st century. It has the basis for developing the abundance available for a modern alternative economy. Modern Communism is surely evident in the new conditions that are emerging and have, in reality, already emerged out of the present.

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