Why a General Election Now?

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Many people have asked, “Why has Teresa May decided to call a general election on June 8th?”

.What does Prime Minister May think these elections will accomplish? Will they “secure the strong and stable” leadership the country needs to see us through Brexit and beyond”, she goes on about?

The referendum on Brexit sorted out none of the contradictions within the Westminster ruling elite.

How does May propose that a general election will sort them out? Because it won’t.

It is just another desperate attempt to use her control in parliament to wipe out contending factions while keeping the people in check.

It has nothing to do with finding a way forward consistent with the needs of people or with providing Britain with an aim for its people for peace, an end to exploitation, an end to the destruction of manifacturing and proper jobs, against racism and fascism, for peoples democratic rights and democratic renewal of the political system, an alternative to austerity, for health, welfare and education as rights of all   let alone the rights of refugees and migrants.

The election call and campaign reveal the deep all-sided crisis in which Britain, but the EU and global capitalism, is mired in.

Theresa May, wants to align Britain with the US. The dangerous man, Fallon, wants to develop “first strike” nuclear capability, get involved in the Korean Peninsula, with Johnson’s attack on Syria and Iran and support Israel’s ambitions as well as confront Russia in the Ukraine. It includes reducing defence and converting to offensive tactics and weapons such as aircraft carriers, to join with the manouvres of NATO.

Parliament no longer can sort out differences in the traditional two party kind of Government and Opposition, now the factions are expected to change and dominance of one faction in a ‘One Party State’ without reasonable accommodations. At the same time they want to keep the working class out of power. This is despite having their own political party, the “rigged” system, which is said to be representative, blocks them from coming to power.

It is the striving for empowerment of the working class that is what has always forced open the door to progress. Where else has it come from?

The working people require a political movement expressing the demands of the working class for an end to the regime, which refuses to recognise their rights on any front whatsoever.

Theresa May spoke about the priority of “economic certainty”. It is the last thing the election is likely to bring.

Manufacturing, to serve the needs of the economy is not even on the agenda.

The ruling elite is now also haunted by the fact that “post-Brexit” they stand to lose the City of London as a centre of finance capital.

The sun set on the British Empire long ago but the chaunvenistic dream of making Britain “Great Again”, has still not gone away with dreams of opening up Commonwealth trade. Couple this with continued dispossession of the peoples of Scotland, Wales and Ireland, the rest of Europe and Asia, Africa and even Latin America and the Caribbean.

The alleged choice that May presents between stability and strong government or chaos is the same call as was made by David Cameron. It is a desperate hope to strengthen arbitrary authority and police powers yet peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland say No! They have continued to express their own demands despite factional infighting of the ruling elite.

To divide and rule people and disorient them, they have launched a vicious campaign of denigrating the stands and character of Jeremy Corbyn. This too is done to destroy the Labour Party. It shows that the main target of attack in these elections is the working class. It is to make sure there isn’t a change in the direction of the economy and the anti-war movement is smashed.

The call for “strong government”, for the use of more police powers, will not sort out the climate of anarchy and chaos they themselves have caused.

We must use this election.

We must not allow them to blame us for their problems and we must call a halt to their warmongering and destruction of what we hold dear such as the NHS. We must oppose racism and anti-people stands, which the ruling class itself espouses.

What about the Isle of Wight?

The situation has similarities. It is becoming clearer how the Conservatives engineered their coup and also what the intentions of some of the Conservative Councillors are. What is clear is that it will be arbitrary decision making if they are elected and also more delegated decisions. Their regeneration is a fraud with investments made to suit their friends and their own back pockets.

The issues such as connectivity to and from the island, how it is funded and whether essential services are maintained or will be cut are important. Also access to the health service, St Mary’s Hospital and whether it can survive or not, or the state of education and whether Sandown Secondary will close.

We must step up our demands, in these dangerous times, for our rights to healthcare and education, for the right to pensions and a decent standard of living and for a change in the direction of the economy, opposing austerity cuts and rights of the disabled and for social care and minority rights and for an anti-war government.

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