Low Paid Staff at Picturehouse on Strike

Right now, staff at Picturehouse are walking out on strike for a living wage.

Working in an independent cinema should not mean living on poverty wages. But that’s how it is for staff at Picturehouse. Now more than ever the workers need the support of the community.

Mooky Greidinger, CEO of Cineworld (owners of Picturehouse Cinemas), knows film lovers and Picturehouse members don’t want to see the staff exploited. That’s why pressure from customers will make a difference. When the local community and staff come together, employers start to listen.

Sign this petition to tell Mooky and Picturehouse to pay their staff a living wage!

The public image of Picturehouse cinemas has already been tarnished by rows over low pay. Film fans across the country have criticised poor pay for cinema staff when they are forking out £13 or more to watch a movie.

Mark and his partner Philippa have worked in Picturehouse cinemas for over five years. When they are unwell they often have to choose between going to work ill or losing a day’s pay. They would like to have a child but worry about losing income because the company only offers statutory parental pay.

What the staff at Picturehouse are asking for isn’t unreasonable: a real living wage when Mooky’s pay works out at £575 per hour. But they need your help to make this happen.

Please back the Picturehouse staff by signing their petition:

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