Nuclear Power Plant explosion just over water to the Isle of Wight

Reports have come in that there has been an explosion in the engine room at the EDF Flamanville plant in North West France just opposite to the Isle of Wight.People in the locality and workers are said to be affected by smoke inhalation.

The French EDF monopoly has said that, “There is no cause for concern for safety or the environment”, but this has been questioned.

Currently the French are building a third reactor on the site. It is said that the steel that they are using is “too weak”. There have been other concerns at the plant in recent history.

Jonathon Large, respected nuclear engineer has said that the explosion and fire, “Could have a knock-on effect”, this is because of the “close proximity” of the engine room, steam production and spent fuel stored in nearby ponds.

EDF are currently on course to build new reactors in Britain.

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