NHS: Emergency Action Plan.

Statement for Emergency Action:

It is with great dismay that we hear of the crisis in A&E at St Mary’s Hospital. It an affront to us and our NHS, that the basic human right to healthcare is being disregarded at this point.

The Isle of Wight Trades Council therefore demands that bed-blocking is dealt with immediately.

Patients awaiting discharge to the community should be allowed to enter beds in hotels if there is no other suitable accommodation as an emergency measure and should be supported by agency staff in order to alleviate the staff crisis. Staff should be accommodated at a similar location. The Government should agree to compensate the cost with emergency funding.

The CCG should set up an emergency task-force to renovate on site buildings with a view to staff and refurbish wards with beds within one month specifically for convalescence.

The Council (in conjunction with) the CQG, should reinstate at least three high quality Council Care Homes as soon as possible or within 3 months.

The number of GP’s per 1,000 population should be raised by the end of the year to meet WHO standards.

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