If the government cannot solve the problem in the NHS, then surely they should step aside and allow those who can!

Minor illnesses and people turning up in A&E should not be seen as the problem of crisis now hitting the NHS and St Mary’s.

There is enough evidence around to see what the problems are and how to extrapolate a solution.

The problem is that the unelected Prime minister and her Government are showing that they are becoming unfit to rule.

They seem uninterested in solving major issues like the NHS and the railways. Soon, as a result of their delay on article 50, there will have to be a dubious vote in Parliament because the last nail has been put in the coffin of the constitutional monarchy, as the Royal Prerogative is rejected by the Supreme Court.

The Government seems intent on riding out the NHS problem, the public anger, the frustration of staff, the crisis – hoping it will all go away, but surely that is impossible with the current level of commitment to the service? An NHS that is totally unsafe in their hands!

The whole island is now united, apart from the Conservatives, in criticising the Government over the NHS crisis.

Doctors at St Mary’s Hospital have spoken of their fears for the future of healthcare there.

Elective surgery has ground to a halt and top surgeons fear the Isle of Wight could lose the service altogether if the bed crisis continues.

Jonathan Gardiner, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at St Mary’s Hospital, said he feared for the future.

“We have no escape valve when things get too busy”.

Certain work that generates income could be lost

“eventually if we don’t do this work we will lose these facilities from the Island.

“We’re losing the income that these facilities bring in, we’re losing the confidence of our patients and the reputation of the department to the GPs and we just cannot go on this way”.

The hospital’s 252 beds are full, and additional 23 beds open in areas of the hospital not designed to be used that way.

Some staff say that they struggle to see light at the end of the tunnel.Yet there is light at the end of the tunnel if control over the situation could be passed and decision making was put into the right hands.

Now even, much criticised, NHS Trust chief executive, Karen Baker has admitted the situation is not acceptable, going so far as to say that there is a danger of the hospital’s black alert status becoming normal. This situation has to be unacceptable. She also admitted that they had been forced to use the hospital’s day surgery unit to accommodate other patients, leading to the cancellation of operations.

Like elsewhere in the UK, how come we have such a terrifying situation in A&E? Why doesn’t the Government step up to the mark and resolve the problem of the NHS, which appears to be falling apart at the seams?

If they cannot solve the problems we face with urgency then surely they should step aside and allow those who can!

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