TUC on Autumn Statement:

Working people facing hit of £1000 per year by 2020 – TUC hits out at government inaction to stimulate wages;

Commenting on today’s Autumn Statement, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
“Today’s OBR forecast shows that the average annual wage will be £1,000 lower in 2020 than predicted at the Budget. And this is on top of wages still having not recovered to their 2007 levels.

“This is yet another blow to ordinary working people’s standard of living. And far from being focussed on ‘just about managing’ families, this shows up the government’s plans as inadequate.

“Home helps, firefighters and nurses are facing real terms pay cuts – but the Chancellor missed the opportunity to help them. The rise to the national minimum wage is welcome – but under-25s will still miss out on the full amount. And the partial restoration of major cuts to Universal Credit isn’t anywhere near the help ‘just about managing’ families need.
“These are political choices. The Chancellor has chosen tax cuts for corporations and the better-off, rather than putting money in the pockets of ordinary working people.”
Commenting further, Frances added:

“Despite positive – if limited – announcements on bogus self-employment and funding for infrastructure, today’s Autumn Statement was an underwhelming package that does not do enough to support working people now or prepare for a prosperous future outside the EU.”
Press Release
Issued: 23 November, 2016

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