Workers are their own saviours!

Missing Factor in the Working Class
Movement for Emancipation

The working class movement for emancipation are discarding a bad habit that was holding it back. You cannot deny its own capacity to organise and bring about change independently of the  ruling elite and their state. Political culture has tried to engrain in the minds of workers that only through influencing the ruling elite and using their state-organised institutions can they stop the  rich and their monopolies and oligopolies from attacking the working class and convince them to uphold rights and solve problems for the greater good and not their narrow private interests.

With this mindset, the working class movement for emancipation has been left with almost no institutions it can truly call its own. When workers want to make their own views known to their peers and other workers and the general public, they generally turn to the mass media of the ruling elite. When workers want their political opinions expressed in practice, they turn to one of the cartel political parties of the ruling elite. When workers are distressed, their rights denied and in need of help, they are left to the tender mercies of the state institutions and charities of the imperialist rich.

In all this, the excuse is generally given or silently understood and accepted as normal that no working class media or political and welfare institutions are strong enough to make a difference so workers must turn for help to the institutions of the  ruling elite. In this way no action is taken to strengthen media which is partisan to their independent views and positions or the political and welfare institutions of the working class.

How often is it heard that if only the media outlet of the monopolies would stop their anti-worker bias and present working class interests and views objectively and consistently then things would change for the better. This disabling emotion of hope stops workers from taking decisive action to build their own media and institutions independently of the ruling elite.

Workers are seduced by the false promises of those who hold economic and political power. This is so because workers do not grasp that they are the producers of social wealth in the country; they are the majority class by far and the only social force capable of challenging and depriving the ruling elite of their power to deprive the people of the rights they have by virtue of being human. The  rich constantly drum nonsense into workers’ heads that they are a cost of production, not only their wages but their social programmes such as pensions,  injured workers’ compensation etc. Workers are told constantly and are meant to believe they are and to see themselves as a burden on the economy and society and that the real heroes are the  rich. The lie is propagated that somehow the actual producers who do the work and produce all the social wealth the people and society need for their existence are not capable of solving problems for the good of themselves, their economy and society. The objective truth for all to see is denied that the  rich and their narrow competing private interests are really the drag and block to solving the problems of the economy and society and are holding back the working class from taking its rightful place as the leader and foundation of modern life.

Removing the block to progress posed by the power of the ruling elite is the answer for the working class to defend its rights, solve the problems of the economy, move it in a new pro-social direction, and open a positive path for society. The working class cannot remove this block if it constantly seeks help from the very force that is blocking solutions from happening and depriving workers of their rightful leading role.

The working class has to confront the ruling monopoly elite and their state with the power of its own independent voice, actions and institutions. This is not so far-fetched in today’s world where technology offers workers great tools to reach their peers and others. What is stopping workers from expressing their views in writing and voice and sending them in an organised way to all their peers and others at their workplace and beyond? What is stopping them from setting up welfare institutions that investigate the conditions of their fellow workers, retirees and others and develop methods to help all those who need assistance in defending their rights? What is stopping workers from having regular and sustained actions with analysis that bring their and the economy’s problems into the open in active confrontation with the ruling elite and challenge their power to block solutions? The rich have to be made to feel uncomfortable and forced to think that they should come to some arrangement with the working class and that equilibrium in social relations is better than constantly serving the narrow interests of the oligopolies and attacking the rights of the people and letting the economy flounder in recurring crises.

In all cases the working class has to have the initiative in its own hands to defend its rights and exercise its power and desire to solve problems in a broad pro-social manner for the greater good. The days of begging the ruling monopoly elite for what belongs to the working class by right are finished. To turn the situation around in favour of the working class, the initiative has to come from workers themselves to build their own voice and institutions in their workplaces and communities. Workers have to look to themselves as their own leaders of their movement, their economy and country.

Workers Are Their Own Saviours!

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