The First of the new national Political Forums:

Some of us Trades Unionists will be attending the first of the new national political forums in London on October 29th.

The parliamentary movement led by Jeremy Corbyn has also inspired extra parliamentary activity at the same time.The discussion about developing democracy, empowerment and decision-making and new ways of doing politics are some issues Corbyn and others have addressed.

Socialism, and what it means today are questions that need to be answered today for everyone who is in support of the new phenomenon.

This is why Political forums are and will be springing up to explore the politics of the Alternative.

The times are crying out for the working class and people to take control of the future of society. The Political Forum in London is the first of a number to take place in the coming months in cities and regions throughout Britain which will discuss the issues and what is necessary for their achievement.

All democratic forces and working people of all nationalities and from all walks of life, especially young people and those involved in the struggle for a change in direction of society, will participate and contribute to the discussion. Bringing views,questions, concerns to energise the discussion. We must all present our vision of a better future, a new direction.

The workers’ and people’s movements are affirming that the problems facing society, including the danger of war, the destruction of the manufacturing base, and the trampling on the rights of all human beings, demand resolution and that working people – youth, women, workers, the people as a whole – are the force that can bring about change.

We must work out together how to realise a modern society and take control of the future, in a situation where what is absent today is the ability, the power, of the working class and people to take control of their lives and be the decision-makers.Together we can discuss the concrete work and practical politics required to ensure the success of the pro-social movements of the people and remove the blocks to the progress of society.

This is the 21st century, and the times demand that an aim is set for society.

There is an alternative!

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