Zero Hour Contracts and the TUC:

Zero-hours contracts have become an easy way to employ staff on the cheap, says TUC

Commenting on figures published today (Thursday) by the Office for National Statistics, which show that the number of people on zero-hours contracts has increased by 21% over the last year, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“Zero-hours contracts have become an easy way for bosses to employ staff on the cheap. There is no getting away from the fact that zero-hours workers earn less money and have fewer rights than people with permanent jobs.

“It is very easy for politicians and employers to talk about the ‘flexibility’ these contracts offer. But they are not the ones living at the sharp end of the labour market.

“If you don’t know how much work you will have from one day to the next, paying the bills and arranging things like childcare can be a nightmare.

“Today’s figures are a stark reminder of why we need to create more decent jobs people can actually live on.”

New TUC analysis published today shows that the typical UK employee earns 50% more an hour than the typical worker on a zero-hours contract.

The median hourly rate for a zero-hours worker is £7.25, while for all employees it is £11.05.


Median hourly pay 2016

Zero-hours workers All employees Permanent workers
Median hourly rate £7.25 £11.05 £11.23

Source: Labour Force Survey, April-June 2016

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One Response to Zero Hour Contracts and the TUC:

  1. Apart from zero hours-workers, increasing in numbers, apparently, in the UK as well as in Holland (I’m Dutch) there’s also cheap labour by way of foreign domestic cleaners, au pairs, childminders and care home-workers, even unqualified hospital workers, acepting a lower wage than the average wage of 11.05 BP an hour. Therefore I would welcome new regulations being installed, allowing jobless UK residents to do these jobs and earn a reasonable wage per hour, without being squeezed empty like toothpaste tubes. And what about a basic income for all?

    The greediness of employers in large organisations and corporations dictating strategies, is visible without a doubt and the fraudulent banking system helps to build even higher levels of this, creating a condition for citizens, where they pay more rent in their whole life than the amount of loan being offered, once upon a time. Would you call that slavery? Debt is experienced as punishment in that way, which it is, in essence, when people continuously suffer from living in relative poverty and stress. The banking system is a design of the Catholic Church.

    Suffering from poverty and suffering from towering mortgages and making ends meet in uncertainty of an income, on a regular basis, is devastating to one’s peace of mind and leads to loss of communal quality, a decrease in sharing of abundance, be it material or immaterial.

    It’s a deliberate construction in our society, to create anxiety, uncertainty, insecurity and powerlessness, designed by a small group of wealthy families who control the mass media, the distribution of warmth and light, quality of food, medicine, agriculture and cattle farming.

    It’s time that we, the people regain control and be part of a change for the better and for the value of a restored communal sense that benefits our wellbeing and comfort in life. The monetary system is in turmoil, on its way to a complete reset. The world is waking up to the big lie that governments care for us. They don’t and neither does anyone care for governments.
    Humanity is checkmate. Time for a gamechanger. It’s coming, be assured.

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