What are Political Forums talking about?

History, recent history, shows that there are no “external models” for building socialism, though there is a wealth of past experience for us to draw on; us working people have to do it ourselves.

The space for change at this time is much greater than it has been for at least decades. There are great mass movement in the making. These movements are affirming that the problems facing society, including the danger of war, the destruction of the manufacturing base, and the trampling on the rights of all human beings, demand resolution and working people are the force that can bring about change.

The opposition, neo-liberals, the Tories presenting themselves as the “natural party of government”, is at this time particularly weak. It is difficult for any political force to make headway without presenting itself as “leftist”. Potentially this also increases the space for change.

The Marxist-Leninist Party (RCPBML) has its own rich experience in developing a political programme “in step with the times”, in particular the need for “democratic renewal” etc. This consciousness separates us from other political forces

The guideline that both “the end is everything” and “the movement is everything” are wrong.


A Perspective from the Point of View of Determining the Future of Society

The starting point  for Political Forums is on the Future of Society.

So the fundamental question is that of what is absent, which is the ability, the power, of the working class and people to control their lives, and generally to determine the future of society and the elements which go to make up that future.

So the most important aim of the programme is to get people together from all walks of life to participate in this discussion. That means that all democratic forces should be approached to participate.

The programme is a programme for all of Britain. This means that in each region, conscious people can be mobilised to participate, who in turn can be mobilised to mobilise others.

The aim then of the Political Forum in each region is both to initiate this discussion and also to discuss the concrete work and practical politics required to ensure the success of the pro-social movements of the people and to remove the blocks to the progress of society.

People can come along and contribute in this context from their own walk of life, to energise the discussion and the Marxist-Leninist Party will be at the disposal of the success of the pro-social movements in the various crucial spheres of life. Participants will all have their vision of a better future, a new direction, which they can present.

The Marxist-Leninist Party will also present crucial elaborations of the modern definitions – on rights, on economics, on ideology, on empowerment, and so on – which it considers are essential for working for a human-centred outlook and a society which embodies this outlook.

We encourage the working class and democratic forces to come along on the basis that this is the 21st century – well into this century – and there has to be a new vision, there is a necessity for change, and to build unity by treating all these visions with respect, embodying social responsibility.

The issue of gaining control over the issues affecting our lives is one of organising to deprive those social forces of the power to deprive the people of their right to control their lives and work.

This is the perspective, but we want conscious participants to building a coherence and consciousness about the path to be opened up in becoming masters of the affairs of state in a human-centred society. Everyone should participate in the work to make the programme of Political Forums a success. Let us unite and chart a new path in the interests of all sections of society!

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