Angela Eagle doesn’t like people’s sovereignty!

It’s obvious Angela Eagle is a careerist by the way she has manoeuvred to raise her profile. She has used the opportunity to ride on the back of Jeremy Corbyn’s movement. A movement above all things that has become more than the Labour Party and in particular an anti-austerity movement inside and outside of the Labour Party and the parliament.

The Eagle ambition is running away with her and the opportunism she projects. it is done by siding with the neo- liberal Blairites in the attempted coup, which continues in the unwarranted leadership challenge.

The Blairites, along with the rest of the neo- liberals, have already shown their disregard for sovereignty when they said that they were willing to give up “some” to the EU. so Angela Eagle firmly sided herself with it.

Angela Eagle supported the Iraq war and became an interventionist. she did not give any principled position but remains tied to her pragmatic approach to invasion of another county and taking away sovereignty of another nation on the basis of “might makes right”. Invasion of a sovereign country is against the fundamental principles of the United Nations after the Second World War. This is despite the warnings of principled people like Robin Cook, Jeremy Corbyn and others in parliament. This is despite the warnings of the majority of the population who were against war and the messages of people who said “Not in my name”, represented in the Stop the War Coalition and the largest demonstration of people ever that opposed the intervention and war in Iraq. Yet Angela Eagle did not listen to the majority but went along with Blair in the parliamentary decision making as opposed to the sovereign demands of the people. Now they all stand with Blair condemned by Chilcot.

Angela Eagle talks about the rights of people but doesn’t want to acknowledge their sovereign rights over parliament. She prefers the sovereignty of the parliament rather than vesting sovereignty in the people.She says that she is on the side of minorities and that she upholds rights due to race and nationality, sexuality and gender. Yet when the mass movement for Corbyn is put in place, sovereignty for her remains with parliament and the Parliamentary Labour Party and not the masses or the Corbyn Labour movement and the millions of trades unionists. Angela Eagle has become a stooge and is standing with the elite in parliament despite saying that she is her “own woman”.

This faction, led by neo-liberal Blairites is desperate to cling on by the skin of their teeth. it needs to be defeated and thoroughly routed from the political life of the country if there is to be credible opposition in parliament. So otherwise, if this does not happen, it will move fundamentally and entirely outside of parliament by the workers who have clearly stated their opposition to the establishment and status quo politics epitomised recently in the Brexit vote.















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