Political Forums are the next stepin organising:

A Programme of Political Forums
on the Future of Society

The times are crying out for the working class and people to take control of the future of society within Britain, and to discuss how this can be done. This has been underlined by the EU referendum majority vote to leave the European Union, which has demonstrated the opposition of working people to the austerity agenda coming from the ruling elites of both Westminster and the EU, as well as working people’s rejection of being marginalised from political affairs and having no say in determining the direction of society. It has also been confirmed by the disarray of the old political arrangements of governance which are in profound crisis.

There is an urgent necessity to involve the working class and all democratic forces in discussing and working out their vision for the future of society, and how to build an effective political movement to realise this vision. The ruling elite is seeking to implant cynicism and pessimism in the workers’ and people’s movements to keep the democratic forces marginalised. But these movements are affirming that the problems facing society, including the danger of war, the destruction of the manufacturing base, and the trampling on the rights of all human beings, demand resolution and that working people are the force that can bring about change.

Led by Marxist-Leninists, we will therefore be organising a programme of political forums on the future of society. The political forums will take place in the coming months in cities and regions throughout the country. The aim is to involve working people and democratic forces from all walks of life in seriously participating in working out how to realise a modern society and take control of the future. Together let us chart a new path!

To express your interest in participating in this programme, in any region of the country, please contact us here at RTUC.

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