RMT AGM: Labour traitors have ruined our moment

Morning Star

“SELF-INDULGENT” Labour MPs have squandered the left’s best moment to go on the offensive, RMT general secretary Mick Cash said yesterday.

He used his address to the transport union’s annual general meeting to warn of “massive fights ahead” amid “political and economic turmoil.”

He said the divisions in the Tory Party and shockwaves in the world of capital should have been an opportunity for the left to get its message across. But he said this had been sabotaged by frontbenchers resigning and calling for Jeremy Corbyn’s head.

He fumed: “What have they done? Self-indulgence. They’ve created division, they created a lack of leadership of progressive forces.

“They’ve created a situation where, if we’re not careful, we’ll have a Tory government — and worse, a Tory government supported by Ukip.

“We need to seize the opportunity to put forward an agenda to fight against austerity, against cuts and for workers’ rights. But that won’t happen if our politicians in London are playing the game they’re playing.

“Ordinary working people are sick of the political class and what they’re doing, and yet they’re doing it again.”

On the first full day of the conference, delegates also heard from drivers’ union Aslef general secretary Mick Whelan, who slammed Labour’s quitters for “turning inwards and turning back.”

Welsh Counsel-General Mick Antoniw unleashed his fury on the plotters when reporting back from the RMT’s Welsh Assembly group. He said the MPs who staggered their resignations throughout the day were an “absolute disgrace” and were seeking to establish the Parliamentary Labour Party as the “main definitive body of the party,” superior to members and affiliated unions.

“I think what has happened is a staged, planned, undemocratic and unconstitutional coup,” he stormed.

“I know that if there was another leadership election and Jeremy stood, I would vote for him. I also know members who didn’t vote for him last time who said they would this time.”

Mr Cash said that he would be meeting Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in the coming weeks to make the union’s case in ongoing disagreements with Transport for London.

He said he would tell Mr Khan: “Bring cleaners back in-house, look after taxi drivers and make sure you run a safe London Underground.”

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