Brazil Coup: Mass Protests:


First Month of Coup Government Met
with Mass Protests

São Paulo, June 10, 2016

Massive protests in defence of democracy and opposing the corrupt impeachment process against President Rousseff took place in almost all states throughout Brazil on the evening of June 10. Hundreds of thousands of supporters of President Rousseff gathered in advance of the first month of the illegitimate coup government of Michel Temer. On May 12 despite total lack of evidence or criminal accusations against her, Brazil’s senate voted to proceed with impeachment against President Rousseff, leading to her suspension from office and replacement by Vice President Michel Temer.

Former president “Lula” da Silva

Former President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, Rousseff’s predecessor and political mentor, participated in the protest held in São Paulo, which also gathered student associations, trade unions, and other social movements. According to organizers, 100,000 people attended the protest.

“The most important thing for the social movements gathered here is stopping the impeachment, stopping the coup,” said Vagner Freitas, head of Brazil’s largest trade union CUT.

Attendance reached 20,000 people in Rio, organizers said, where prominent local politicians participated in the protest and citizens called for Rousseff’s return to office. Other large protests occurred in major cities such as Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Recife.

In a June 15 television interview, Rousseff said that if she manages to return to office, she will consult the population about the path national politics should take. That declaration may win Rousseff the support of more senators in the final vote to approve the impeachment process, which is expected to take place in August, according to analysts.

Rousseff has been travelling across the country to meet with local leaders and participate in political rallies, where she always receives a warm welcome.

The first month of Temer’s government has been marked by increasing scandals as the self-serving actions and corruption of the forces behind the coup are more and more exposed.

Mass Actions on June 10


Rio de Janeiro

Porto Alegre


Paraná — contingent of refinery workers.

(Xinhua. Photos: Vermelho, V. Borba, B. Bou.)

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