EU Counter Summit:

Rally convened by TEAM

The European Alliance of EU critical Movements- founded 1992.

Saturday 11 June 9.15 for 10.00 till 17.00

Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London
Speakers in three panels and special guests
Panel 1 –
EU opposition in different countries and pro-EU scare-
mongering before EU referendums

Lave K. Broch Denmark
Substitute MEP for Danish People’s Movement and TEAM
Jan-Erik Gustavsson Sweden
President of the Swedish People’s Movement No to EU
Brian Denny Britain
Trade Unionists Against the EU (TUAEU)
Patricia McKenna Republic of Ireland
Former Irish Green MEP and TEAM Board

Panel 2 –
Are there viable alternatives to the EU?

Helle Hagenau Norway
International leader from Nei til EU in Norway
Erna Bjarnadóttir Iceland
Icelandic Heimssyn board member and economist
Paul Ruppen Swizerland
Nauja Lynge Greenland
Speaker on Danish Realm with Greenlandic background

Panel 3

EU foreign policy as a problem for the world and peace?

Marianne Alapini Africa
Speaker on EU foreign policy on Africa
Kjell Dahle Norway
Former Secretary General – Norwegian Centre Party
Peter Lunenborg Researcher
Trade for Development Programme
Horst Teubert Germany
German Foreign Policy Group
Special Guest Speakers include:
David CampbelL-Bannerman MEP – Vote Leave
Gabrielle Peut – Australians against the EU
An Immigrant
An unemployed skilled worker
Invited Leave.EU – Grassroots Out
Chaired by John Boyd and vice chaired by Lave Broch
Questions and discussion will follow each panel
£5 (unwaged £3) entrance fee to help offset event’s expenditure pay-
able in cash on 11 June if pre-registered by 8 June.
Unregistered attendees fee will be £7 (unwaged £5) in cash on 11 June
Please pre-register by 8 June for this event by emailing

Even if you are not coming please register to show support. Your
cheques as a donation are payable to ‘CAEF’ and sent to
TEAM PO Box 46295, London W5 2UG

This rally, with a relaxed festival atmosphere, will be run without breaks
We don’t expect everybody to stay all day! A cafe is in the building.
Stalls will be in the corridors to provide material for campaigning
There is also space outside for discussions

Published by TEAM, printed by Democrat Press PO Box 46295 London W5
EU Counter Summit
Rally convened by TEAM
The European Alliance of
EU critical Movements – founded 1992

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