No to the Imposition of a Contract on the Junior Doctors!

Health Care Is a Right! For an NHS Based on Fulfilling this Right!

Junior Doctors carried out full walkouts on 26 and 27 April in England in their fight to oppose the govenment’s plan to impose a new contract on them. See Workers’ Weekly Number 10 April 16th for the latest article.


Above & Left: Thousands demonstrate through
London in support of the Junior Doctors on April 26
Right: Great Ormond Street Hospital

{short description of image}
Right: Jeremy Corbyn speaking at the Junior Doctors Rally in London, April 26

Left: Junior Doctors rally Sheffield    Right : Salford Royal Hospital

Left: Bristol Royal Infirmary    Right: Carlisle

Left: Cambridge    Right: North Tees University Hospital

Left: Ealing Hospital    Right: Bethlem Hosptial

Left: Hull    Right: Homerton Hospital

Left: Basildon    Right: Cambridge University Hospital

Left: Huddersfield Royal Infirmary    Right: Isle of Wight

Left: London March, April 26    Right: Lancashire Hospitals

Left: Kings College Hosptial    Right: Tunbridge Wells

Left & Right: Lewisham Hospital

Left: Truro, Cornwall    Right: Warwick Hosptial

Left: York    Right: Whipps Cross Hospital

Left: Nottingham    Right: Radiographers

Left: Sunderland Royal   Right: Poole

{short description of image}
Left: St Thomas Hospital, Westminster   Right: North Tyneside General Hosptial

Left: Royal Free Hospital   Right: Nottingham

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