Nuit Debout . Huge anti-labor reform protests rock France

Published time: 9 Apr, 2016 16:12 RT – Daily news

Live updates Thousands of people across France have taken to the streets to voice their protest against a newly proposed labor reform. Some rallies took a violent turn with police deploying tear gas to disperse and dozens reported injured

At least 8,000 people gathered in the streets of Toulouse.

Demonstrations against the labor reform are also take place in the city of Lille, local media reported.

RT UK’s camerawoman Hulya Sen has sustained an injury in her leg while covering the protests in Paris.

“She was filming and she says some kind of explosive device was thrown and it exploded near her foot and she has a bleeding leg,” RT’s Anastasia Churkina reported from Paris.

Churkina said Hulya was all right. The explosive device was apparently thrown by a protester, she added.
16:05 GMT

RT France correspondent Kyrill Kotikov-Convenant, who is live-feeding the event through Periscope in Paris, has got caught in tear gas.

“Still no fear” and “Democracy, where are you?” is written on demonstrators’ banners in Paris.

Other banners read “For life without war” and “Stop the [labor reform] project.”

In Nantes, demonstrators have broken the windows of a local shop and set it on fire, while tear gas has also been deployed.

According to the city council the rally has gathered 2,600 people. But trade unions claim that at least 15,000 activists are taking part in the demo.

The protesters in Nantes have been throwing stones, eggs and firecrackers at police, AFP reports.
About 15,000 people have taken to the streets of Toulouse, according to local press.

16:01 GMT

Tear gas has been deployed against a massive rally in Paris denouncing the recently proposed labor reform. Hundreds of protesters were seen marching through the streets of Paris, some of them setting off firecrackers.

The protest in the French capital started on Place de la Nation, the same spot where previous anti-labor rallies took place. A heavy police presence has been reported in the area.16:01 GMT

From 2,000 to 8,000 people have taken to the streets of the French capital, AFP reports, citing the rally’s organizers.

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