Bin Workers’ Strike:

The Bullying of Sheffield’s Bin Workers results in 1st Strike for 17 years.


Peter Davies GMB re Veolia strike Friday 1st
GMB members on Sheffield’s bin service have seen the use of CCTV on the round trucks, never agreed or covered by a policy, result in an increase in the amount of disciplinary procedures and processes and the sanctions have become increasingly severe. This has been run alongside a much more aggressive use of the disciplinary process and almost all issues relating to disciplinary over the past year came in at gross misconduct level.

Peter Davies from the GMB in Sheffield said ‘we have been averaging several gross misconduct cases a week and one member, Dave Wright, was recently sacked for health and safety breaches at Green Co, the subcontracted company that operate the Councils Household Recycling Centres, where he had little to no responsibility or influence. His manager, and Green Co themselves, where never sanctioned for these breaches and the GMB membership are incensed by this. We believed we had a deal on all of these issues but that now looks to be disingenuous as no offer was forthcoming for Dave and workers continue to experience this aggressive use of the disciplinary procedure. Peter added ‘no one wants a strike but this ballot resulted in a 92.5% vote in favour of action that, I believe, shows the level of our members anger at the treatment of their colleagues on the receiving end of this aggression’.

Peter Davies -Organiser

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