Triple whammy defeat for government over Trade Union Bill, says TUC

The government was defeated in three votes on the Trade Union Bill in the House of Lords tonight (Wednesday).

The votes concerned substantial amendments to the bill on electronic balloting, facility time, and the funds used by unions for political campaigning. In each vote, the government was defeated nearly 2 to 1, with several Conservative peers voting against it or abstaining.

This followed a previous government defeat on the bill in the House of Lords in January.

Commenting on the votes, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“This is an important result for the 6 million trade union members across the UK. But it’s a bad day for the government.

“These defeats should be the nails in the coffin of the whole Trade Union Bill.

“The government has tried to force this bill through Parliament, ignoring objections from all sides of the House. Once again, peers have rightly held them back.

“The government needs to think again and withdraw this damaging and divisive bill.”


– The vote in the House of Lords was in the report stage of the Trade Union Bill. Amendments by Lord Kerslake (electronic balloting and facility time), and Lord Burns (political funds) passed despite government opposition.
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