The Programme that Emerges from the Conditions.

What is inherent in the present conditions and the aim which is consistent with those conditions?

What is the work in this period which has to be taken up in a very determined fashion? It is that millions of people on the world scale have risen demanding change. This movement for change also exists in Britain and, as is the case everywhere, it is gaining momentum.

Long before the developments of the current period began, the world was at a turning point within which no forces could continue to act in the old way.

When pinpointing that in their striving for change, it is the political process which the working class and people want renewed.

The renewal of the political process is a question facing the entire polity. This means it favours that class which spearheads it,the striving of the people for change requires the leadership of the working class if it is not to be saddled with the aim which the reactionary forces impose on society to pay the rich and wage a vicious anti-social offensive.

Even if it were possible to renew the political process without the working class being organised, it will not go far nor succeed.

The rich and the governments and agencies in their service have nothing to offer in terms of renovating the political and economic spheres and working out mechanisms which can provide the working class with a means to open a path for itself in the present circumstances.

Thus, one of the greatest battles of this period centres on the issue of whose agenda will prevail, that of the ruling class or that of the working people.

So set the agenda to make sure the renewal of the society is successful and favours the people.

Overcome the damage caused by the official circles which are dead-set against anybody but themselves setting the agenda for the society.

We are living in dangerous times, with chaos in the world economy and the world powers fighting to see who is going to be the sole leader.

There is a need for vigilance, particularly to ensure that the dangers are not aggravated by the working class being led into passivity and paralysis while the youth are diverted into dead-ends.

Workers take political actions which the youth can join. Such work will also bring about significant improvements to their own conditions and the condition of the society.

The working class, in spearheading the renewal of the political process, will open a path for the further development of the society, and give itself a greater role in the advancement of the society.

The more the ruling circles shout that there is no alternative, the more the opportunity presents itself for the working class to prove that there is an alternative to both the political process and the perpetual crisis of the capitalist system.

Involve the working people and the youth in working out the alternative to the anti-social offensive and in the program to renew the political process,it is the crucial factor for the advance of the movement. With this crucial factor present it is impossible that the movement will not develop.

The significance of the work undertaken for the renewal of the political process cannot be overestimated. As this movement develops, the discussion and debate in the society will be broadened. This work is the basis for the deepening and broadening of the consciousness of the people.

The issue is not to wave the red flag, It is to show our colours through our deeds.

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