Leave the EU!

No! to the EU of the Monopolies – There is An Alternative

1. The European Union represents the interests of the neo-liberal agenda of the dominance of the global monopolies, the transnational corporations and the financial oligarchy of the EU. This includes the so-called “free trade”, a “free trade”, which in fact constitutes control of markets, resources and labour.

2. The alleged aim of so-called “free trade” and “free movement of capital, goods, services and labour” to create jobs, spur investment and promote economic growth is a complete fraud.

3. The EU project is one of neo-liberal globalisation, which is imposing a fraudulent austerity agenda on the peoples of Europe.

4. The EU violates the Sovereignty of the Nations, National Governments and States that are its members.

5. The “old imperialist powers” of Europe are colluding and contending to dominate the other states, including the former Eastern European countries, as well as Greece and others.

And note that:

1. Those whose interests are served by the EU attempt to sway public opinion by imbuing workers with false hopes that future employment will be brought about by implementing EU directives and reactionary government policies.

2. The dangerous developments within the EU, such as the secret TTIP negotiations with the United States, are designed to impose private monopoly interests and wreck public services. This is under the fraud of harmonising regulation, and the proposals for a European armed force which would lead to the escalation and broadening of armed conflict.

3. The austerity programme pursued by the Westminster Government has been consistent with the neo-liberal programme of the EU, which concentrates political, economic and military power in fewer and fewer hands.

4. That there is a powerful movement of the people in this country and throughout Europe against the imposition of “austerity”, a movement which fights against the neo-liberalism, which enriches the elite who expropriate the people’s social wealth. This devastates living standards and destroys public services, public authority and social programmes, as well as devastating the environment.

In these circumstances, affirm that there an alternative, which puts the people’s well-being at the centre of considerations and defends the rights of all. This alternative is where people have control of their own lives and future, in which the economy is our economy, resources are our resources, and the co-operation of the peoples of Europe is strengthened for their mutual benefit, not for the rich and powerful. The interests of the monopolies are made subservient to the public good in each and every country and throughout Europe.

Some features of this alternative, to which the people aspire and are fighting to realise are:

1. The power for sovereign states to decide on their own development strategies and policies.

2. The power of economic sovereignty for people to decide on the direction of their own economies.

3. The power to restrict the operation of foreign capital and monopolies and instead to develop co-operation within the working class movement for the public interest.

4. The power to unite with workers from whatever origin so that the rights of all workers are upheld and remuneration and conditions are raised, not lowered.

5. The power to develop public services for the public good away from the control of private interests.

6. The power to conduct investment, as well as inter-European and international trade, away from the control of the bodies of the European Union – pending and future trade agreements should be concluded not on the basis of neo-liberal “free trade”, which means domination of the monopolies, but on the basis of mutual benefit of working people of sovereign countries.

7. Current “free trade agreements”, which represent the right of the monopolies to dictate the economic agenda to the detriment of working people should be abrogated. International trade should be conducted on the basis of the principles of self-reliance, equal trade for mutual benefit with all nations regardless of their political regime, and the inalienable right of working people to control all decision-making that affects the socialised economy and the social and natural environment.

In short, the alternative lies in upholding the public good, opposing the dictate of European and global monopolies, including the international financiers, and affirming the sovereignty of each State’s public authority over the direction of its economy and society as a whole. On that basis, the people of each country can develop their co-operation and unity, which expresses their interests and not that of the transnational corporations; on that basis sovereign peoples can develop their own institutions of international mutual benefit.

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