TUC: Spending Review

Despite ‘spectacular’ tax credit u-turn, working people need more on industry, jobs and public services, says TUC


Responding to today’s (Wednesday) Comprehensive Spending Review statement from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“The Chancellor has been forced into a spectacular climb-down on tax credits. But by the end of the parliament many working people will still suffer big losses because he is keeping planned cuts to Universal Credit.

“It’s good to hear the Chancellor talk about industrial policy, but the real test is whether he acts to save Britain’s steel, which is the foundation for more successful manufacturing and our balance of trade. Setting up a race to the bottom on corporation tax and business rates is no substitute for ministers rolling up their sleeves to protect jobs and industries, just as they do in Germany and France.

“Local government did not get the protection that it needs today. As funding cuts continue, Sure Start centres, local care homes, leisure centres and libraries are all in the firing line, particularly in poorer areas where the impact of phasing out central government grants will hit hardest and the new social care precept will have less benefit.

“If the Chancellor really wants to battle for blue-collar Britain, he needs to recognise the importance of investment in public services, genuinely affordable housing, and a fairly shared recovery.

“Without that commitment he will still be remembered as the butcher and not the builder he says he wants to be.”

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