Opposing the Violence that has occurred in Paris:

The Trades Council categorically condemns the odious crimes committed in Paris, France on the afternoon of November 13. With an expression of solidarity and our deep sympathy with the ordinary working class families and people, with the friends of the victims, we call for sober-minded measures to be taken which do not turn the French and world’s people into targets of counter-violence.

We are totally against any Measures which further deprive the people of their rights in the name of protecting the security of the French or British state.

The reactionary violence displayed in Paris shouldn’t be directed against the working people who are not to blame for the instigation of state terrorism but are its victims.

Attempts to protect the state which deprive the people of their rights and, furthermore, target sections of the people for attack, are self-serving and create an even more dangerous situation.

We ask all to take these events very seriously, remain calm and lead their peers to draw warranted conclusions. Who is behind these attacks? Are they an attempt to further murky the waters surrounding striving to bring about regime change in Syria.

We do not need a new round of violence. We do not want indiscriminate bombings in Syria. We do not want idle talk against Muslims. We do not think that the process of National emergencies or extensions to 3-months and renewals is a conducive to protecting democracy, only encourage police states, this has been shown throughout  history.

We do not believe in selective importance given to cruel acts, to bombings such as what took place in Lebanon that targeted Hezbollah, and other similar attacks.

The anarchy and violence caused by trying to isolate Russia and not permit a political solution to problems which have emerged has to change.

We are in opposition to the use of force to settle conflicts. We reiterate our opposition to the use of the state to suppress the rights of the people in the name of security.

The progressive forces in Britain call for proper political solutions to be put on the agenda instead of civil wars and state terrorism that have been stirred up in so many places so far. These things must end and should pass no more.

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