Coming up to Christmas with the Ventnor Community Café

Hello Everyone,

When you are in Ventnor coming up to Xmas, why don’t you pop into the Community Café on Albert Street on the Isle of Wight.

The Community Café people are a progressive bunch. They are very pro-environment too. In fact the Green Party hold meetings there and you can meet people from “Unite the Isle of Wight” or the Trades Council or even local Councillors from our very progressive Parish Council. The local Permaculture people are there too.

If you want to book a room you can do it for as little as £5. There are plenty of Arts and crafts going on there and even singing. It is the home of the Ventnor School of Mosaics. On Saturdays there is a local produce market and crafts along with the friendly café, which is open. If you are around on a Friday then why not drop in and have a coffee in the morning or stay for a lovely traditional 2-course lunch for a fiver!

‘Ventnorville’ on 12th Dec. Lots going on in the town, and a lot of extra people. The café will be open as usual. If you live local we can always do with more people to help in the cafe on Saturdays, and Fridays sometimes.
Do come and see us if you haven’t been in for a while. It would be nice to see you!

The market is on Saturday morning 10.30 to 1.00 . Are you a cake orjam-maker? There’s room for more crafts too, and coming to the time people are thinking about Christmas.

On the Produce Market we have, Squash, Jerusalem Artichokes and Parsnips now in season. We have chard, herbs, greens and various salad things. There are plenty of nice varieties of apples too, and pears and various soft fruit.
Also on sale are locally hand-made cards, soap, small baby/doll woollens, other crafts from very talented people, pickle and marmalade and often plants.

We are interested in growing different things, so if you would like anything we don’t have in the way of veg, fruit or plants, maybe flowers, do let us know. We have very knowledgeable gardeners who will discuss growing all kinds of things.

Best seasonal wishes,

The Community Café in Ventnor, Isle of Wight.

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