More jobs could go at Isle of Wight company Gurit:

By David Newble

County Press

More jobs could go at Isle of Wight company Gurit

UP TO 20 further jobs could be at risk at Isle of Wight firm Gurit, the company has confirmed today (Wednesday).

The grim news follows on from the 90 job losses announced earlier this year.

In a statement, the Newport-based company confirmed a period of consultation had begun about the proposals.

A spokeswoman for the company said: “The proposed staffing changes are aimed at adapting our operational base and have the potential to impact on fewer than 20 employees at Gurit (UK) Ltd.”

Around 90 redundancies took place at the Newport factory site in March, with the company blaming a shortfall in work and a shift of some of its production to Hungary.

The firm currently employs around 130 workers in its Newport automotive division, 50 at its engineering division split between Newport and the Hamble in Hampshire and 310 in Newport in the materials manufacturing arm.



So there you have it, the drip drip of redundancy at Gurit as it paves the way to Hungary. A kick in the teeth for the workers, another blow for the Isle of Wight, so much for composites.

No fault of the hard working labour force. A little bit by Vestas. What about the Government? So much for the real economy not the artificial one they pretend, like mountebanks – administering their Austerity medicine. So much for their tax credit cuts and “Living Wage”, what good will their “debt and deficit” jam tomorrow do for these workers?

The crocodile tears by management won’t pay the rent. These workers, work next door to the infamous Vestas. What are they going to do about the situation? There is no union involvement, the Government will not be sending any money to alleviate problems in an area where there is no real work. The autocrats will let it smolder and burn.

Tomorrow it will be forgotten as this part of an industrial estate on a small part of the island disappears out of the news.

Will nothing be done as we take another step down the slippery slope, will we wait until there is nothing left? Are we to simply wait for the next tranche, the next drip, drip.

As the Trades Councils once said to the Vestas workers, “no-one can respond, no-one will do anything unless you do first”.

Don’t slide into the shadows like Council workers have done with the continuous job cuts. Don’t sink into eventual oblivion on the basis of another day’s pay before he inevitable,don’t allow yet another industrial graveyard, you know what you must do.


An exposure at ground level of the Government’s fraud of growing the economy. It isn’t just happening to the Steel industry up North. The manufacturing base is being eroded at rapid rates around the UK. There must be a new direction to the economy as the Corbynites and McDonnell have already pointed out. Gurit is part of the composite economy and it is threatened by the multinationals and not supported by the Government. what is going to be the response of Turner and his Government? It remains to be seen. They shouldn’t be able to get away with it but they probably will if there is no protest by the Gurit workers. The 90 before, the 20 now probably will only get the statutory minimum redundancy to help find another job in a hopeless area. Even the prospect of job seekers allowance is going to be difficult. It probably won’t even be reflected in the next unemployment figures.


Another closure!

Toilets, Wildlife parks, Factory’s……….


Isn’t life wonderful being part of the so-called “global economy.” Your house, family and standard of living all decided by an upper crust Chancellor of the Exchequer and some city slickers who have probably never heard of the Isle of Wight but have heard of of places where the work can be done for peanuts.

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