Citizens’ Assemblies:

 Your Chance to Have a Say on Local Democracy

4 Nov 2015

Citizens in South Yorkshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight are invited to take part in an exciting new project to have their say on local democracy.

With the government giving more power to councils, Sheffield and Southampton are hosting the UK’s first ever ‘Citizens’ Assemblies’, drawing in people across the regions to discuss where power should lie in their area, and what devolution should look like. It’s the first real chance for local people to get involved in debating the government’s plans currently making their way through Parliament and council chambers across the country.

If you live around Sheffield or Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight (the Solent), you can submit your ideas on local democracy, devolution and where power should lie on the Citizens’ Assembly website.

The Citizens Assembly project – organised by the Universities of Sheffield, Southampton and other universities across the UK, as well as the Electoral Reform Society – is bringing together a group of local people from across the region, and those who aren’t attending can submit proposals online for the Assembly to discuss. Each proposal will get a hearing, and could lead to real change.

Submissions close for Southampton’s Assembly South at midnight on the 12th of November, and at midnight on the 5th November for Assembly North in Sheffield.

Be part of the debate in the Solent and South Yorkshire – click the links to make a proposal and get your voice heard.

For more information, contact Edward Molloy at or call 020 3714 4070

– See more at:

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