A New Age of Enlightenment:

The 21st Century, New Enlightenment is a movement to dominate the world of ideas in Europe. The principal goal of Enlightenment is progress. The context of the New Age of Enlightenment is the period of preparation for the onset of revolutionary storms brewing on the horizon.

Already the new phase of the technical and scientific revolution is taking place in time and space. In philosophy a new philosophic conscience is being developed with the human factor/social consciousness at the hub.

The ideas of enlightenment are circulated in the home, in the working class, in meetings of women and nationalities of all ethnic origins. Amongst youth and students in the colleges and university faculties, in the students unions and refectories and classrooms there is a new optimism. In the workplaces and offices the ideas are discussed. In the bohemian cafes and coffee shops, where many breakthroughs took place in the past, the traditional airing of views is springing up everywhere. On line with social media and the many blogs and websites the debate is taking place in a new medium and still, on hard copy, magazines, discuss the line of march and along with workers’ weekly and daily newspapers and journals.

The current ideas of Socialism and Communism with modern definitions replacing 19th century liberalism and libertarian notions of “freedom of choice” for the few along with the neo-liberal agenda are combated by social liberation for the many. The repressed intellectuals and intelligentsia are asserting their rights to be heard.

The ideas of enlightenment are sure to be incorporated into new political constitutions as the call for democratic renewal of the system of Representative Democracy takes place. Along with this goes the elimination of the cartel parties and replacement with mass political parties.

Today what is the movement in Art? It has the aim of enlightenment. There is painting for the enlightenment and sculpture for the enlightenment. There is the culture of enlightenment and the answer for education in the current context, what is it for? Who does it serve? Is it education for education’s sake, should it serve profit and therefore business? No it should serve society and the people. Therefore it is for progress, it is education for enlightenment.

In biology the Darwinist theories of evolution has progressed with new discovery, with DNA. In medicine the threshold of the end of debilitating and fatal disease is to be crossed as longevity of humankind is being reached. These things have consequences for the humanisation of the environment. Not only is the protection of the natural environment an imperative, but its enhancement is considered too.

In Physics the scientific community has lived a century or so with the developed theories of relativity and gravity. Now the grappling of the materialism of time and space is of the essence. The new workings of the universe of the very small and the very large are of great significance for the development of human beings and consciousness. With enlightened science comes the new mathematics of the enlightenment.

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