National Demonstration: Refugees

National Demonstration, London: 12 September – Refugees Welcome Here

Refugees Welcome Here: Day of Action
National Demonstration 12 September
Assemble Marble Arch 12 Noon
March to Downing Street

Called by: Stop the War Coalition | Solidarity With Refugees | Stand up to Racism | Barac | Migrant Rights Network | People’s Assembly | War on Want | Movement Against Xenophobia | Love Music Hate Racism | Black Out London

Only one heart didn’t melt at the pictures of the three-year-old Syrian Kurdish boy’s dead body washed up on a Turkish beach: David Cameron’s. He responded by refusing to take anymore refugees.

But he is still promising to try and force parliament to agree more bombing of Syria. Which will force more refugees to flee Syria. And then David Cameron will let them drown too.

The refugee crisis is growing worse by the day across Europe as thousands flee war and chaos. Many have died in the most terrible circumstances, suffocating in lorries or drowning during dangerous crossings of the Mediterranean.

They are being treated terribly by many of the government’s of Europe, including our own. These majority of these refugees are the victims of war, many of them fleeing the disasterous war in Syria.

David Cameron’s statement today aims to justify further war and bombing rather than helping the refugees. He is refusing to take any refugees in Britain, one of the world’s richest countries.

Stop the War has come together with other organisations to call for a London protest on 12 September and a day of action across the country on that day. We urge our members, supporters and groups to take any action they can on that day, alongside anti racist and refugee groups.

Successive British governments have spent billions on wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, plus on covert intervention in Syria. The outcome has been destruction of infrastructure across the Middle East, the growth of terrorism in the region, and the displacement of millions.

Their only solution is further war, even though it is increasingly obvious that this option is only creating yet more chaos. Just as we oppose wars, we try to show solidarity with its victims.


***Please note we have changed the start time to 12pm and assembly point to Marble Arch as we were approached by the organiser of Solidarity With Refugees to work together and co-ordinate. We think it is sensible to have one event on Saturday 12 September.

This event has been called in response to various reports of refugees fleeing war, persecution, torture and poverty losing their lives or struggling to find a safe haven. This includes the death of 200 refugees off the coast of Libya, around 70 refugees in a truck in Austria and on going reports of refugees drowning crossing the Mediterranean, stranded in Hungary and prohibited from moving around the EU, and those in Calais struggling to find sanctuary.

The government response to this has been disgraceful. Unlike Germany, Italy and Greece, Britain has not offered a safe haven for these people.

On Monday 14 September Home Secretary Theresa May will be meeting with EU leaders about the refugee crisis. We must learn the lessons of history and call on the government to take a humanitarian and compassionate response to refugees, and to meet its share of the responsibility for providing protection. Let’s send a strong message: we say refugees are welcome here.

We are also calling for a national day of action on Saturday 12 September. Birmingham, Leicester and every where to the South of these should come to London. Scotland, Wales and every where to the North should organise local events. We want events any thing from a vigil, to unveiling a “Refugees Welcome Here” banner at football matches or at places of worship and community centres, use your imagination!

Join us on Saturday 12 September 2015.

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