Island’s MP Andrew Turner is calling on Islanders to share their thoughts on extending Sunday shopping hours

Island’s MP Wants Islanders Views On Extending Sunday Trading Hours

The Island’s MP Andrew Turner is calling on Islanders to share their thoughts on extending Sunday shopping hours.

It’s after the Government announced it will consider plans to devolve powers on Sunday trading rules to a local level.

The options being considered include giving power to local authorities across England and Wales, or devolving powers to elected mayors where they exist, to decide on the most suitable rules in their area.

Mr Turner is keen to find out what Islanders think about the proposed changes to Sunday Trading rules.

Mr Turner said:

“I don’t think many Islanders will want to see shops open on the Island on Sundays for as long as they are for the rest of the week – Sunday will then become just another weekday with people expected to work long hours.

“I am keen for Island people to contact me, to give their views on whether they think the powers to decide Sunday trading hours should be passed down to the Local Authority, to comment on potential extended Sunday opening hours and to look at the consultation document.”

The current Sunday trading rules were established 20 years ago and the Government is looking at changes for retailers.

To view the consultation document go to:


The current context is “Productivity” where the Government wants to utilise the existing means to extend added value rather than create new facility or investment. This applies to big business in retail as much as production.Productivity is being presented as growth in the economy but it is clearly Austerity in the private sector. You want a pay rise? Well you have got to earn it!

Workers have fought to create a situation of a reduced working week, holidays and weekends. In many cases working Sundays does not mean employing more staff. Shift patterns have been negotiated with extra shift pay and also premium time (Time and and a half or Double time) for anti-social hours in industry that is highly unionised. In many cases these days this is not recognised as weekends and Sundays are treated like any other working day.

The top and bottom of it is exploitation and maximising profit as the motive rather than “benefiting” the consumer.

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