Striking French ferry workers block port route with huge fire:

My Ferry Link workers burn tyres across key motorway to port, causing gridlock.

One of the My Ferry Link workers participating in Thursday’s strike in Calais pledges more action if their terms are not met.

A huge fire set alight by striking French ferry workers brought more disruption to Calais on Friday, causing gridlock on routes towards the port.

About a dozen workers of My Ferry Link burned tyres across a key motorway leading to the port shortly before midday as part of a long-running dispute over 600 job losses.

The fire, which sent huge plumes of black smoke high into the air over the French port town, brought immediate chaos to the A16 and surrounding roads.

Police and gendarmerie closed off a large section of the motorway leading to the port, causing long queues of lorries and cars stretching for miles around the area.

A Eurotunnel spokesman in France said: “The strikers are blocking the way to the port, not the tunnel.

British port authorities refuse to let former My Ferry Link worker’s boats into Dover,English ferry companies had undercut their French counterparts.

The UK Competition Commission ruled in June 2013 that Eurotunnel’s ownership of My Ferry Link, broke competition rules and stated that it could no longer operate ferry services from Dover.

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