Act to Renew Democracy:

Corporations, Rich individuals, finance capitalists and employers’ organisations should be banned from making political contributions to political parties.

We need to reform the electoral process so that people have the strongest voice in our democracy. There must be equity and fairness to election financing, which represents just the beginning of efforts to renew democracy.

Candidates in elections need to talk and listen to citizens to gain their support instead of relying on donations from organisations. It will help to ensure that people’s voices are heard in Parliament and assure voters that political contributions from organisations weren’t a deciding factor in a candidate’s success.

Our political system has been far, far too dependent on funds from a narrow range of donors with deep pockets and too far removed from the interests of ordinary people.

Once upon a time political parties were “catch all” that tried to appeal across the board to voters. They were mass parties but now they are only parties for an elitist few. Once the role of parties was to politicise the electorate around issues, but not any more as their news releases, statements and leaflets show. This should still be the role of political parties to politicise the electorate.

Very few people are now members of political parties. Therefore how can these parties justify selecting candidates? Why should the parties and their candidates only receive funding? This situation needs to change so that the process is funded not the parties.

Why can there not be election committees set up in constituencies, funded by the Government to assist the process so that candidates are put up and endorsed by people and not parties? If the party candidates do not perform well on the hustings they could be excluded regardless of their political party affiliation.

Already the first past the post system has shown its failure by failing to allow candidates from smaller parties to produce MPs for parliament despite the large amounts of votes gained. Hence the demand has been raised, once again, for a more proportional voting system.

The victory of Cameron is a hollow victory, in that the Conservatives have no mandate to carry out the austerity agenda.

The people have set their sights on the right to participate in governance, and they cherish the right to have control of their own lives.

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