The Work of the Organised Workers’ Opposition at Present:

The basic guidelines on how to intervene in the new struggles of the people.

Really, the issue poses itself as to what are the Marxist-Leninists and the Workers’ opposition dealing with at the present. One way of answering this is to say that we are assisting in giving coherence to the movements of the working class and people in the conditions where the Conservatives have come to power with the aim of imposing the neo-liberal agenda on the people.

The issues focus on the goals of the movement, of democratic renewal, empowerment and a new direction, and that actual organising is needed. We characterised this year as the year of getting further organised, and this is how things are unfolding. So this was also the characteristic of the June 20 March – that people are organising in their fights on various fronts up and down the country, against austerity, and they came together to affirm that. It wasn’t imposed, or directed by the People’s Assembly, but it gave people confidence.

The opposite kind of line is to criticise everyone from the side-lines and say what we need is socialism, and not be integrated with the movements.

If whoever is out of step with the movement either locally or nationally and tries to impose something on it, it will not work. We have to clarify and build that collective consciousness, social consciousness, which will advance the movement in real life.

It is useful to sum up the actual struggles engaged in because there is rich experience once the question is one of organising, of implementation. How to give voice to what the aspirations of the people actually are.  Being at one with what the people are experiencing and fighting against and fighting for, appreciating the role of the Marxist-Leninist, is regarded as positive, not negative or sectarian. It is when people come from the sidelines and act in desperation that is wrong.

We have to deepen the analysis that austerity is implementation of the neo-liberal agenda, and show that the alternative rests on rejecting this agenda and fighting for a new direction.

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