On the Action in the Isle of Wight against Austerity;

It is good that actions are taking place throughout the country in order to develop the Anti-Austerity movement. The scope and depth of the movement must also develop as well as its momentum.

Austerity is more than a thing, it is a neo-liberal process and an offensive. Therefore it is not about a few cuts to services, libraries or buses, these are only consequences thus far.

The Conservatives were re-elected on the basis that their method for dealing with the economic crisis was ‘working’, that there was no alternative, that they are now the party of ‘working people’. Of course we know that these things are ludicrous. Austerity is not working here or anywhere else.

The Workers Opposition is combining action with analysis. In the first place the Government is talking about ‘productivity’ as number one in the Queen’s Speech, it is also preparing the next budget soon.

We have been dealing with the privatisation of the NHS with the NHS England and CQC strategy on the Isle of Wight and there is much to say on this.

Secondly the impending job cuts and productivity exploitation issues affecting workers at all levels. The fact that they are treating the wealth producers as a “cost”. Our discussions at Trades Council have been worthwhile and on these things and provide much information and analysis in our anti-Austerity resolution.

This is the kind of activity we are encouraging people to join in with, discuss and give aid to.

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