Political implications of post General Election Result on the Isle of Wight.

The political conditions, post election, was debated at the Isle of Wight TUC last night. It passed a resolution deciding that Austerity was the direction of its focus and adopted the position that it would be an anti-austerity organisation in the current period.


The results of the General Election are as follows:

Conservatives – 28,591 votes
UKIP – 14, 888
Green – 9,404
Labour – 8,984
Independent – 3,198
Lib-Dem – 5,235

The three groups that openly stated they were anti-Austerity Green, Labour and independent totalled 21,536. Which is not far behind the Conservative vote. How many UKIP, Lib-Dem and even Conservative are not in favour of Austerity. The total vote that was none Conservative amounted to 41,659.

As most people seem to have voted nationally it would explain the total lack of election campaigning of Conservative and UKIP and their success.

Most voters were not convinced of the merits of Austerity hence the support for the outspoken individuals on the Isle of Wight. Voters for UKIP or many of the Conservatives were not pro-austerity either.

Since the election the local authority has met two Independents have effectually defected to the Conservatives reducing the administration to a minority local government. The executive director of the Council has declared its inability to function as a council after 2017 due to budget cuts. Even statutory services will need to be cut and discretionary services all but wiped out.

The general perception is that the Council and local politicians will not hold any power of consequence or be able to lead politically in the community and hence will not be in apposition to influence or oppose the central Government.

Due to further impending cuts in grants and Local Enterprise funding from the Government and EU effectually non-existent or frozen, the lack of monopoly inward investment will lead to decline. More will be taken out of the local economy than is put in. GKN will continue to export capital abroad and some will go to Bristol and elsewhere. Vestas Blades are a precarious source of investment and the Navitus Bay investment remains tentative due to outside decision-making. BAE remains up for sale as the initial EADS bid from France collapsed.

The devolvement of power, services and resources to local parishes has diminished possibility and is surrounded in dubiety.

The Isle of Wight Association of local Councils has consulted but can provide no leadership solutions. The Labour Party’s sole councillor is “depressed” by the cuts and has no strategy for fighting back.

UNISON has lost most of its power base due to the cuts in workforce and impending further reductions due.

The Trades Council must decide that it will focus on the development of the anti-austerity movement.

The re-elected Conservative MP says he will pursue the right of the island for two MP’s. The EU referendum will divide the national Conservative Party but the Isle of Wight MP remains Euro-sceptic.

The offer by Independents to join forces to resolve Isle of Wight problems has been turned down by Conservatives who do not want any responsibility to reside over any final phases of the local Authority’s demise. They do not want Cabinet posts only “Scrutiny”.

It is therefore necessary to ask the question, where will the political leadership on behalf of the Isle of Wight citizens come from?

The necessity is to build organised workers’ opposition, as it will be through new leadership among the masses that can only develop the people rising up to secure its future economy. Discussion about Austerity has to be the focus of the content in any mass democracy.

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