Great Patriotic War Era Posters:

Call to Arms in Defence of the Motherland

Stalin’s Spirit, Sound and Strong, Our Army and Our Country! (1939);
Motherland Is Calling! (1941)

Fight Bravely, Sons of Suvorov and Chapayev (1941)

The Foe Will Not Escape the People’s Vengeance! (1941); Glory to the Hero Partisans
Weakening the Fascist Rear (1941)

Strike them Hard My Son! (1941)

By Steel Avalanche We Will Crush the Enemy! (1941);
Everything for the Front! Everything for Victory! (1941)

On the Road to Victory! (1942)

Death to German Occupiers (1942); Ural [Industry] Working for the Army (1942)

The Red Army’s Broom Will Sweep All the Scum Out! (1943)

Our Banner Is the Banner of Victory! (1945); For Our Victory! (1945)

Our Victory! (1945)

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