The Trades Councils’ Pro-Active Approach:

It is a great joy to see the Isle of Wight TUC (IOWTUC) website begin blogging. The site can be found on

The Trades Councils want to be pro-active. The activity to write for,report, read, and get subscriptions is one example. It involves not just a few people making decisions but both members and non-members of the IOWTUC from all walks of life who see the need to unite in action to bring about democratic renewal in a manner which favours them.

Our aim is to block neo-liberal wrecking. Initiatives must be consistent with a point of convergence which makes sure that not only the unions are pro-active but the working people are in a manner which vests decision-making power – in the people. Efforts have to be made on an ongoing basis to ensure that the working class becomes pro-active by calling on the working people to join the work for renewal of the political process.

When a political force such as the Trades Council works for democratic renewal it cannot but be pro-active. To be merely reactive to the agenda set by the powers that be is the kiss of death. It is to fall into all its diversions and traps aimed at making the working people lose their bearings.

Many times it is necessary to react to this or that news or assault so as to defend the interests of the workers or the community. But this too must be done within the context of being pro-active – which is to say, by advancing our own programme, not the programme which causes the working people harm.We have our own policy and aims and we plan to carry them out.

This is the hallmark of a vibrant political force. Such a force develops the capability to address itself to the needs of the times on the basis of a plan to change the situation in favour of the interests of the working people, not the rich.

In 2015, let us together become the creators of events on the basis of a plan to turn things around in favour of the people.

This means we cannot wait for a plan to succeed on its own. We must unite in action to ensure the success of everything we undertake to do. Writing for, reading, distributing and getting subscriptions to the blog is a concrete way to make sure that the entire society participates on a pro-active basis. The Trades Councils and the Workers’ Opposition are not being reactive when they call on everyone to engage in bringing about the renewal of the political process as an important measure which empowers the people! It is being pro-active.

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